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Katie-May is a Senior CMF and Sustainability Strategist working with a diverse set of global clients over transport, packaging, product design and consumer electronics. By using an interdisciplinary design process, Katie-May aims to bring positive social and environmental change through materiality. Trained and experienced in circular appraoches, Katie May is certified as a Circular Specialist by the Circular Economy Institute (CEI).

Holding a BA in Costume Design from the London College of Fashion and an MA in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins Katie May has worked across a wide range of creatives practices that have informed an approach that combines visionary narratives with pragmatic solutions.
Katie May Boyd 2024



  • Repair Roundtable, Design for Planet (Design Council), 2023

  • Forecasting Futures, Goodwood festival of speed, 2023

  • One mission, one planet, Keynote panel at Sustainable Design Summit, 2022

  • Material transitions, What we need to reach net zero, London Design Festival, 2022

  • Design as a driving force for sustainable development, Swarovski Conscious Design Hub at University of the Arts London, 2019


  • To solve climate change, it’s not only what we eat, but how we eat, Fast Company

  • Milan 2023 In Perspective, The Lab 

  • Surfing the web isn’t just bad for your brain—it’s terrible for the environment, Fast Company

  • Design for the Planet, LinkedIn 

  • Can we design our way out of disaster?, Fast Company

  • Cardboard shortage is driving innovation in packaging, Design Week



  • Creative Unions, Central Saint Martins, September 2018 

  • Plasticscene, by James Shaw and Modern Design Review, London Design Festival, 2018

  • Biodesign Here Now, Opencell London, London Design Festival, 2018  

  • Ventura Futures, Milan Design Week 2018

  • Glasgow Science Festival, 2016 

  • Silent Signal Symposium, Derby University, 2015 

  • Wellcome Trust centre for Molecular Parasitology annual conference, 2014 

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