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The Parasite Project, 2015

This project was born out of a fascination of the relationship between art and science. Parasites are an ideal subjects when exploring this area, owing to their intrinsic relationship with their host – in this case the human body. The project specifically looks at Malaria and includes two interactive costumes which illustrate points in the life cycle of the Malaria parasite through film. Also hands-on interaction with the costumes where members of the public can act out the roles of host and parasite. The project aims to educate about the scientific processes in an engaging and multisensory way, and also to highlight the benefits and possibilities of exploring science though art.

Featured by STV,  Welcome Trust's 'image of the week' and Glasgow Science festival 2016

Made in collaboration with The Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology 

Photography by Diana De Leon, film by Jordi Canistan 

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